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Clover Rapid Deposit

Cash flow is often a concern for small business owners, especially now with a worldwide pandemic. The cash-flow gap is real, and many owners haven’t found success in accessing government loans and grants to stay afloat. Clover POS small business owners can now enjoy access to their funds…

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Covid-19 Small Business Survival Manual

The outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted small businesses in the service industry. According to one report, one million service workers in the beauty industry are dealing with the damage caused by the coronavirus. Other businesses like personal trainers, maintenance workers, and dozens of…

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Credit Card Processing Basics

In the Credit Card Processing Industry we have the participation of the following financial institutions and individuals: Issuing Banks – Financial institutions that in partnership with VISA, MasterCard and Discover and American Express* issue credit and debit cards for the use of their…

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Credit Card Processing Rates

Where does the money go? Every time a merchant swipes or keys in a credit or debit card number, he pays a processing fee on that transaction. It is important to find out exactly how much a merchant pays to process each of his transactions in order to avoid costly and long-lasting mistakes.

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Not Just Rates But The Overall Cost

How to Compare Credit Card Processing Rates and Fees? Due to the complexity and confusion created by different credit card processing companies and independent sales organizations, finding the right credit card processing company for your business can be challenging. The challenge starts when…

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What to look for on a Merchant Agreement

Daily our agents and inside sales representatives talk to merchants who are looking to switch their credit and debit card payment processing from other companies to us. Some of these customers are dealing with bank subsidiaries, third party companies and some with independent sales organizations…

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